25 thoughts on “AC MILAN’S TAIWO TO QPR! – FIFA Ultimate Team”

  1. Never knew he was worth this much. Was about to quick sell him, but then I found this video and saw insane pricing on UT.

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  3. Free autobuyer!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get any expensive player for less than 5k.

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  6. Like if you think Taye Taiwo Shits on Every Left Back and is under rated to FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. @Hazzabazza951 I agree he has long shots and free kicks as-well the best defender on the game in my opinion!

  8. Taiwo is awful in real life no way should he have these stats, so dumb. i think 5 starts for AC Milan says it all to be honest

  9. Hate Taiwo now ever since i sold him for 3.5K buy now price because i didnt realise how much he was worth :(

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