AC Milan vs Udinese 4-4 All Goals & Highlights ! Serie A

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25 thoughts on “AC Milan vs Udinese 4-4 All Goals & Highlights ! Serie A”

  1. injuries are working against milan these days i mean pirlo is the best midfielder they have and he is off for two months that’s not fair

  2. grande alexis sanchez !!!
    kon los equipos grandes tambien demuestras tu calidad !!
    chileno !!

  3. @fritzeckert ahahahaha!!! 🙂 probabilmente hai ragione, ancora non l’abbiamo vinta!!!!
    io tifo Udinese perché mi assomiglia, un ragazzo di provincia che va sui campi più importanti e si fa rispettare.
    magari non vincerò mai una coppa, ma come gioco io, nessuno! nessuno!nessuno!

  4. @stronzoassoluto il udinese fa pena non hanno neanche vinto una volta la championsleague hahahah
    che stronzi

  5. i never watched such a intense game in a while, i knew ibra was gonna score last and save them

  6. @elvisprifti Look man, don’t mention politics now 😉 .. i hate politics ok ? 😛 .. i just made a comparison between AC Milan and some Albanian football club from 2ng league 😉 .. i didn’t say that macedonian is better than albanian football 😉

  7. very shit defending on the first two goals of the game as well as the last goal. actually pretty shit defending the whole game

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