AC Milan vs Tottenham 0-1 Goal Highlights -15/2/2011

Peter Crouch’s goal gave Tottenham a well-known win as he scored from an Aaron lennon pass, right after a excellent piece of counter attacking football.
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25 thoughts on “AC Milan vs Tottenham 0-1 Goal Highlights -15/2/2011”

  1. @GRIDmygame funny, when was the last time there were 2 italian teams in the same final, and over the past 5 years an english team has featured in the final. BALLS TO YOU!

  2. hey the reason y milan lost was becuse they could simply not handle lennon, gattuso i have respect for him but hes jst toooo old and looks lyk a MONSTER!

  3. k for all of you dumb englishmen who dont know the truth the reason why gattuso went after the tottenham assistant coach was because he called him a dirty italian. now 2 things wrong with that: 1) you just called the hulk with a milan jersey on “a ditry italian”? not the smartest thing in the world obviously gattuso reacted by lacing him in the face. 2) gattuso is known to be the enforcer/fighter in the club did you expect him to react by shaking his hand? lmaoo you guys really know nothing

  4. @SpecialXAirXService funny when was the last time an english team won champions league compared to an Italian team?

  5. @nilzehn And you think all has finished?, don’t be illogical wait and you’ll see who is the best one, with 1-0 you’re out

  6. @SpecialXAirXService what? think about it, now the english are JUST playing better, but really? superior? u need to check ur history

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