AC Milan vs Parma 4-0 – All Goals & Full Highlights – 12/2/2011

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25 thoughts on “AC Milan vs Parma 4-0 – All Goals & Full Highlights – 12/2/2011”

  1. i don’t know about you but i think that the 4 people who dislike this should have some serious problems with there eyes

  2. @kiswajili the assist from ibrahimovic is very good for a striker and with cassano ac milan is now much much stronger :O lol tought ibrahimovic did gave 2 assist 3rd goal

  3. milan just gave a football lession there………….they had it man………… no one can mess with them

  4. @okkoow14 maybe you’re blind… watch the second goal again.. ibra never touched the ball… i admit ibra is a great player and milan wouldn’t what it is today without him.. but still, you have to know when the others did their job better than him… this time, Cassano scored, and gave 2 assists… Ibra gave 1 assist(1st goal) and colaborated on cassano’s 1st assist by letting the ball pass (3rd goal)…

  5. @kiswajili dude ur stupid?? ibrahimovic did gave the fucking passes to the players that scored

  6. @okkoow14 Fantantonio Cassano man of the match! he was involved in 3 goals just like Ibra but he scored 1 and look at the last goal! tunnel before the assist..
    just my opinion =)

  7. Ahahahahaha le esultanze di Robinho con la musica! xD

    Davvero forte questo Milan quando va in attacco. Allegri si stร  dimostrando un grande allenatore, perchรจ fร  un grande gioco tattico, e soprattutto riesce a farlo mettendo insieme tanti campioni che poi non hanno problemi tra di loro (mica come il Real Madrid!).

    Detto da un Juventino, speriamo il Milan riporti in Italia la Champions quest’anno!!

  8. fantastic result, great to see Cassano getting his first goal and having a good all round performance, he will be a great player for us…also Robinho continuing his great form this season, what did Man City do to him? Being a Spurs supporter as well I am hoping for a good game on Tuesday and will be there.

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