23 thoughts on “AC Milan Vs Juventus Champions League Final [Penalty Shot] 2003”

  1. inter shud of been in that final instaed of milan . this was a horrible final in salford . liverpool 2 years later was the best in turkey . that kunt dida 5 yards off the line for monteros penalty . ha ha dudek returned the favour 2 years later ha ha ha milan queers

  2. Good game but on the penalty before del pieros dida was off his line before the guy even shot it!

  3. @yahyagta dude in albanian and in all the other balkan country’s kurva means whore

  4. Milano meritato questa coppa
    .. Spero di tornare al suo stato precedente Juventus

    Forza juve > from saudi arabia

  5. This final proved that Dida was better than Buffon..!!
    Dida was one of the best Milan Goalkeeper ever…!

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