25 thoughts on “AC Milan – Udinese [[4-4]] All Goals & Full Highlights 09-01-2011”

  1. @MDN2177
    yeah they better lose seedorf quickly he is an old man nowadays he should retire ,if they want to go further next year in the league they must sell him and let flamini takes his place

  2. @Oo9ale7oO I fucking know it better than u .. but with robinho looks little forced and not natural like ronaldinho… u asshole

  3. agree…. hope he doesnt come back from his injury….

    one of the best games I’ve seen in seria A ever!!

  4. @MrSenorGomez No he fucking didnt push him he came in and ibrahimovic just put his hand out. if he goes down that easy hes a diver, milan are better stfu.

  5. @MrSenorGomez I liked Ronaldinho before, he was magician on the pitch. But nowadays it was better for all that he left acm.
    And the words that you said about Pato and Ibra…omg it doesn’t deserve any words cause with this you just showed us that you don’t understand football at all ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. @MrSenorGomez man, i hope you are not serious and you just provoke with this article. Cause every fan of ACM knows that selling of ronaldinho was a good move for Rossoneri. Because now he had big sallary for average performance. He was lazy and had no condition. And from proffesional player i (and i’m sure i’m not the only one) expected endeavour for be better (look at nedved, del piero, maldini, pippo). And Ronaldinho was unproffesional when he drunk all nights before match. He had no moral.

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