AC Milan relying on youth

AC Milan has made a change in their football philosophy and started to rely more on young players to get them back to the top of the Serie A.

Indeed, AC Milan is a club that has been renowned for signing expensive players during recent years but it seems that the Italian club wants to try another approach.

The average age of the teams that have played for AC Milan this season is 24 years old, and this has been a radical change from recent years. Three of these players are product of the AC Milan Academy, and they are joined by some other talented youngsters coming from other clubs.

And when you know that AC Milan already have some young players such as Alessandro Plizzari, Rodrigo Ely and Manuel Locatelli who have already established themselves as important members of the team you can easily understand that AC Milan is on the way to becoming one of the best clubs in Italy again.

However, pundits believe that the young players should step up and make sure that they repay the trust that is being put in them. Although they are playing well at the moment, the players have a tendency to become complacent in games and give away cheap goals. Time and again, they had to rely on the talent of goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma to make important saves to keep them from going behind.

It seems that AC Milan is on the right path and that they may reach their objective of qualifying for Europe at the end of this season. It is still early in the season, and we will have to wait at least for the beginning of next year to find out whether the team is progressing and whether they will be able to clinch a place to get back into Europe.