10Tastekings Mamma mia! | Ronaldinho 2010 | AC Milan – part 2

This is a compilation about Ronaldinho which is created by my buddy 10Tasteking! I am questioning what’s your view about his things! His Youtube-account is deleted and I support him to exhibit his great perform in this negative time. 10Tasteking by now manufactured a part one about Ronnie’s period 2009/ten in AC Milan, this is the 2nd component. The FIFA Globe Player of the Decades 2004 and 2005 is back, take pleasure in his skills and the unique magic of El Gaúcho. And Dunga, appear at this and you’ll see why all of us can’t realize your determination for the Earth Cup… This is how to go to 10Tastekings account: www.youtube.com
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25 thoughts on “10Tastekings Mamma mia! | Ronaldinho 2010 | AC Milan – part 2”

  1. thats why dey didnt win the world cup , with ronaldinho assists wuld of helped …dunga is just jelous , he from the begining knew he wasent going to put ronaldinho in the squad no matter what, and ronaldinho proved himself to him in ac milan ,

  2. look how he plays the game! he loves to play football! some one like him do you need in our team, so why is he not in de brazil national team? because dunga dont like him! now friday – holland -brazil! and we will see if brazil needs a player like ronaldinho

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