Episode #4 – AC Milan Freestyle Football Skills Tutorials – JAYZINHO & FLO

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15 Responses to “Episode #4 – AC Milan Freestyle Football Skills Tutorials – JAYZINHO & FLO”

  1. World of Athletes Says:

    Soccer freestyle skills and tutorial to teach you how you can do it too.
    #Soccer #freestyle

  2. Pasha FF Says:

    cool !

  3. J10FUTBOL Says:

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  4. ABIDWA Says:

    It’s great the way your videos are set up. The replays in the tutorial part
    really help show what’s going on Keep it up!!

  5. pedro santos Says:

    you are fucknig insane o.0

  6. OlympusPig Says:


  7. J10FUTBOL Says:

    All Episodes are Different ! The Intro is to show some of the tricks you
    will be learning for people who are not aware of the series ! The Into
    lasts 2:37 ! After that the NEW episode begins ! ENJOY !

  8. TheRsNando Says:

    Pretty cool

  9. dpde5de Says:

    i swear, this deserves more views and suscribers than now..

  10. Charlie112097 Says:

    amazing skills but there too challenging for a rookie like myself

  11. imfoxer206 Says:


  12. FIFA Skiller Says:


  13. Charlie112097 Says:

    really cool skills

  14. tanmimh Says:

    how old is jayzinho?

  15. Mehrab Mohamad Says:

    U guys are amazing like really amazing i love you u guys tutorials but i
    would love if u guys do a in depth tutorial for tricks harder to master
    like how to look the ball between ur legs cuz im having trouble doing that
    i really wanna know the scorpion move and jayzhino 360 they look epic so
    plzzz make in depth tutorials anyway keep the good work u guys are amazing