AC Milan top 20 goals of the year 2011 HD New !!!

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25 Responses to “AC Milan top 20 goals of the year 2011 HD New !!!”

  1. Muntasio7 Says:

    Very awesome video, but Boateng’s goal vs Barcelona was in 2012…

  2. Muntasio7 Says:

    7-0. if I may correct you :)

  3. max gerrit Says:

    HAHAHAHA! Bayern Munchen won 4-0 over Barcelona! teach that bitch!


    SHUT UP bitch

  5. studioFRIEND990 Says:

    PLEASE, MUSIC ????????

  6. MsLuis1889 Says:

    HAHAHAHA! Barcelona won 4-0 over Milan! teach that bitch!

  7. kittitiangyal4 Says:

    If Prince’s goal against Barca wasn’t number 1, what would be?

  8. Paolo Zambruno Says:

    … e ora come siamo “messi”? :(

  9. dio cavallo Says:

    Quello di Ibra con il Lecce è il più bello!

  10. don k.c Says:

    nice goal

  11. Janjarons Says:

    I’m to sad because neither of them are not in briliant form like before, and i’m so sad because ibra and sedorf dont play anymore for acmilan, but i’m sure we can go through barca if referee dont give barca to much penalty like last year in CL

  12. Dreamex -DMX Says:

    O.O that was my team

  13. StyleZz Zocker Says:

    3:02 Best Goal And Diss For All !!!!

  14. carmen00219 Says:

    Questi gooal gli riescono a fare solo i milanisti forza MILAN

  15. Gjergji Gjoka Says:


  16. Pedrofuzaro22 Says:

    Forza milan

  17. stromaeZA Says:

    1:47 DISS

  18. xSw4y Says:

    forza milan from germany! :D

  19. PatrickRathalosHunte Says:

    Top 3: 3) Milan-Cesena (Seedorf) - 2) Barcelona-Milan (Boateng) 1) Lecce-Milan (Ibrahimovic)

    (The second and the first goal was identic for beauty)

  20. Attila Gál Says:

    0:56 WTF?O.O

  21. Tyrande95 Says:

    Supermassive Red-Black Hole!!! ihihih! Forza Milan!

  22. frank montilla Says:


  23. cosmin987654321 Says:

    ac milan nr 1

  24. giovanni2898 Says:

    Grande milan!!!

  25. Ramo giarroo Says:

    boateng is not from this world. I would prefer him to messi