AC Milan | Napoli-Milan 3-1 Highlights

Video clip Score: four / five

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25 Responses to “AC Milan | Napoli-Milan 3-1 Highlights”

  1. Fa Waz Says:

    Mexes and Rami are slow

  2. 7amido's Art Says:

    I’m happy it’s 3-1 .. not 1000-1 …

    We need a new team … 

  3. Kenny Yoshitoya Says:

    Where dafuq is Honda bro!?

  4. crosses101 Says:

    I swear Milan’s problem is worse than Man United! This season has been

  5. Shea sav Says:

    Sell mexes and buy new CBs absolutely useless 

  6. karolis pasiskevicius Says:

    mexes and abiate out pls

  7. Justin Harrell Says:

    Sign a young talent cb like zouma, john Anthony brooks, or maybe na static?

  8. Margali avoie Says:

    wtf and this is our defence and we wanna win serie A and champions league?

  9. Adam Frassinoro Says:

    Dreadful defending.

  10. Mattia1709 Says:

    Fuck Napoli

  11. zarksaishi Says:

    Via Mexes, Bonera, Abbiati

  12. TheZeroJ Says:

    hugain was offside last goal what

  13. Gerry Sue Says:

    Abbiati and Mexes go home and suck a dick. Damn I can feel Balotelli’s
    frustration cz this defenders suck dick


    sell mexes bonera dzacardo and buy doria and rekik or ake defenders
    stagione 2014-2015 gabriel-abate-rami-doria-de chiglio

  15. wael hassane Says:

    We need a better goalkeeper

  16. Alex Wilson Says:

    Playing in Napoli is always a great spectacle to watch win or lose

  17. DracFong Says:

    Higuain kept winning Mexes back so there goes 3 points

  18. ArmataNerazzurra Says:


  19. khanh pham Says:

    run,run and a goals
    taarabt is a usain bolt new

  20. Valant Lalo Says:

    Grande Taraabt ♥ 

  21. takashima kio Says:

    what are the Milan DF doing at 3:28⁉︎

  22. SARPEI411HD Says:

    i swear sell abbiati and buy a young german keeper like Leno, trapp or

  23. Enrique Cruz Says:

    Team was better when they this go Silva :( 

  24. Jairo Barranzuela Says:

    We need somebody to replace Abbiati.

  25. Mattia1709 Says:

    Fanculo il Napoli